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coues deer range arizona Leftover tags if any for these White tailed only hunts are gone by late July. These tiny deer inhabit most of Ariz 288 views Write a comment We are now offering New Mexico elk coues deer mule deer antelope and turkey hunts in units 10 13 15 16a 16b 16d 23. I love units 24A 32 and 33 because of the mountains but also the deer we are taking out of there. Sponsor beautiful buck man There s no better feeling than when hard work and preparation pay off. From the early season archery coues deer hunts to the late season rifle coues deer hunts in the rut this area is a good choice for deer hunters that are looking to harvest a trophy Arizona coues deer buck. Call us at 575 743 0448 for questions or to book a hunt. Coues Whitetail Deer Trophy Coues bucks range in size between 75 inches and 155 inches and average about 90 inches. Surface Water Springs Seeps Water Catchments. Arizona World class Archery Deer No Draw WOW this is one of my favorite hunts we get to hunt this big bucks during the rut. This home was built in 1998 and last sold on 3 9 2012 for 65 000. Early season hunts in top units can be drawn with as few as 2 to 3 points sometimes even sooner Southern and central Arizona is home to the majority of Coues Whitetailed Deer in the united States. Rarely exceeding 120 lbs with most bucks around 95 105 lbs the Coues has become sort of a cult li Sep 22 2020 These deer are small very small and finding them is difficult. That being said although the seasons are similar tactics are a little different. Coues Deer Hunting Outfitters AZ Our firearms success rate on Coues deer is 100 with most animals scoring 95 inches or better. By Benjamin Packard Hunting the Chiracahua Mountain Range for white tail Coues deer seems to be a daunting enterprise. Arizona archers can hunt Coues If the idea of putting lots of miles on your boots and sitting behind your optics for hours is the type of hunt that gets your blood pumping than look no further. A mature 100 Coues is one of the most sought after trophies in the western US. The Zestimate for this house is 290 872 which has decreased by 13 046 in the last 30 days. He was a friend of Alfred Russel Wallace and they had attended s ances with the medium Pierre L. Rifle hunts take place in October November and December. Mule deer hunting packages include 5 full days of hunting Specializing in trophy Rocky Mountain Elk Coues Deer Mule Deer Antelope Javelina Black Bear Mountain Lion amp Predator hunts in the heart of Arizona Raging Point Outfitters is located just below the Mogollon Rim a 7 000 foot 200 mile long playground for all serious Predator amp Big Game trophy hunters in Northern Arizona. MeatEater S01E03 Stalking the Gray Ghost Arizona Coues Whitetail Deer Cooking Lone Rock Outfitters offers guided Archery and Rifle Hunts for Trophy Coues Whitetail Deer Desert Mule Deer Black Bear Javelina and Turkey. These quot grey ghosts quot have a very diverse span of territory and terrain ranging from low elevation mesquite filled desert flats all the way up to high elevation juniper and pine covered mountains. The Arizona and Carmen Mountains deer are smaller but may also have impressive antlers considering their size. Excellent condition If you have any questions please feel free to contact my husband James or myself Kristin Bernard. 4804 N Coues Deer Ln Marana AZ is a single family home that contains 2 331 sq ft and was built in 2006. Every one I talked to confirmed my fears Hunting Coues deer is hard. This video was produced by some guys with a real passion for Coues deer. Twelve year old Michael with a nice Coues deer buck that he shot at 403 yards one shot. Resources. First are the Aug Sept Velvet Hunts. Coues pronounced both coos and cows are a slate gray smallish whitetail with the most limited range of the huntable American deer subspecies. The University of Arizona 1990 Coues deer Bucks will bed more time then not on a north or northeastern slope but can also be found many times in thick mesquite bottoms and shelves of ocotillo. Email Us. 00 1 hour of range time is included If you are new to archery no problem 1 of our friendly staff members will give instruction on how to safely use the equipment and the fun begins Arizona Arizona has some of the best coues deer hunting in the country and is one of two states you can hunt coues deer in the US. Hunting any unit east or west of the I 19 is good. This is a 5 day hunt for October amp November. hunter is responsible for the purchase of Arizona Hunting License and OTC deer tag. The author s first Coues was a 3x4 with great character. coues deer hunts in december are likely going to occur durign the rut. Win a 2020 Ford Raptor Click Here for Details Arizona Deer Association Sidebar Rich and Cindy Krug run Krug s Coues Camp out of Heber Arizona. Coues deer are most common in Arizona 39 s southeastern mountains but range up on to nbsp 4 Sep 2019 The elusive Coues deer is arguably the most difficult big game They 39 re primarily found in Southern Arizona and New Mexico as well as Each of my bucks have demanded a hardcore push to get within shooting range. Jan 29 2019 Coues deer help Arizona. wta logo horz white nbsp 14 Nov 2018 I 39 ve been fortunate to hunt Coues deer in both Arizona Sonora and I 39 ve killed deer that range in size from 60 or so inches up to 112 inches nbsp Coues Deer. Oct 29 2019 Bowhunting the Grey Ghost Arizona Archery Coues Deer August 2019 After my very first big game harvest in the 2018 rifle deer season I returned to the spot where it all began. October hunts are usually easier to draw than December hunts. With Coues 45 yards is considered close regularly successful bowhunters normally masters of the 60 yard plus Hunting with Frank and Vince Waters in Willcox Arizona hoping to kill a coues deer and maybe some bobcats and coyotes on the way. 8982. Populations of Arizona O. Thanks James and Kristin Bernard Arizona Coues Deer Hunting Guides. Coues move throughout the day. All our hunts take place on public land. Joined Oct 5 2017 Messages 181. The Coues deer is the smallest species of the whitetail family and also known as the quot Gray Ghost quot of the desert. v. I 39 ve taken several coues and my average shot is around the 350yd range. The Rifle Coues hunt is a draw hunt through the Arizona Game and Fish and AZGP Outfitters can help with the application process. Add to cart Unit 22 Javelina. lt br gt lt br gt Weekly Packets are then sold to Cuban 39 s without internet Coues deer hunting requires excellent optics finely tuned rifles and plenty of patience. Does average 65 pounds. The Range is relatively flat country that makes for easy walking but it does not have many high points to glass from. 4 500. This outfitter offers wonderful over the counter archery Coues Deer averaging 80 100 inches and trophy hunts are also available with Coues Deer scoring between 100 125 . As an Arizona native I have been hunting the mountains and deserts of Arizona my entire life. Coues Whitetail Deer Hunting Arizona. Success is usually high no matter which weapon or season you choose. May 11 2019 Southern and central Arizona is home to the majority of Coues Whitetailed Deer in the united States. These elusive deer are known for vanishing into the brush earning the nickname the gray ghost. Coues deer bucks scoring above 100 are taken with this outfitter in Arizona every year. Together with the desert bighorn and Coues whitetail the desert mule deer is part and parcel to the arid Southwest occupying a huge range from West Texas across southern Arizona and New Mexico and northwestern Mexico. May 15 2012 The range of the Coues whitetail is limited to regions of Arizona and New Mexico and a few states in northern Mexico. Also a noticeable difference exists in size between male and female deer of the savannas. Yeah I would hit the range and practice with STUDY GUIDE Governor s Tag Coues Deer of Arizona Description Jimmy Sites backpacks into the Arizona mountains with two pre teen boys and their dads in search of a Boone and Crockett Coues deer. A. To access good hunting aggressive backcountry wilderness techniques are demanded. GPS Way Points More products from Arizona DIY Hunts Unit 21 Mule Deer. These couse deer hunts are conducted on private and public land in the Coronado Tonto and Sitgreaves mountain ranges from remote tent camps accessible only by 4 4 or foot. Claypool was thrilled to tag his mule deer and Coues deer in the combined four days of hunting. The Draw is excited to be working with one of the best in the business for these elusive deer. Antelope. Elliot Coues while he was stationed at Ft. I ve been living in Arizona long enough and it was time to hunt coues deer. Jay Scott Arizona outfitter and host of the most popular outdoor podcast in the world About the Coues Deer. Eric was able to connect on a great buck opening day so we are in search of another shooter for Ben. Roads and trails. Mule deer can be found throughout desert regions as long as there is enough vegetation to hide in and to eat nbsp Elk mule deer and coues deer are the main species on the ranch with an We offer guided predator hunts in the most diverse habitat in central Arizona. Archery hunts take place in Aug Sept and Dec Jan. Arizona guided coues deer hunts. 4 000. 20. Mule deer tags can be quite difficult to draw where the coues are typically much easier. Whether you are looking to get into Coues deer hunting or just need to check the box look no further as you could not possibly find an outfitter that has been at it longer. Lodging and all transport is provided from camp. 3. Over 200 Lodges Guides Dec 18 2017 Coues Deer Hunting In Arizona. Finally hunting the first week of January allowed us to miss very few class days while maximizing our hunting time and a return trip in late December will also coincide with some given Christmas vacation days. However Coues are very adaptable and have moved into some traditional mule deer areas at elevations of 3 000 to 7 000 feet. COUES DEER HUNTING IN AZ. Fortunately Marcus Hockett made this great video with a few coues deer hunting tips after his recent Arizona hunt. Binoculars and spotting scopes are highly recommended. Unaccompanied Steve immerses himself in the quiet southwest desert and gets intimate with one of the most wary animals in the west. 876. James Dudley Guided Hunts specializes in Central Arizona public land hunts for Elk Coues deer and Mule deer. Hours on the hillside and driving the flats have proven to be the most successful methods when hunting the big desert mule deer or Sonora. 30 30 took aim Arizona OTC over the counter Mule amp Coues Deer Hunts Arizona is unique in that if offers over the counter tags for archery mule deer and coues deer hunting. To hunt some of the most elusive game the predator must become its prey. You can pronounce Coues as coues or cows but it is the same deer species as one of the smallest whitetail subspecies that lives in southern Arizona SW New Mexico and norther Mexico. Download all free or royalty free photos and vectors. 29 May 2018 the new world record coues deer taken by Wesley Ely of Arizona. Nisreen Hawley. single family home is a 3 bed 3. It is mostly replaced by the black tailed or mule deer Odocoileus hemionus from that point west except for in mixed deciduous riparian corridors river valley bottomlands and lower foothills of the northern Rocky Mountain region Oct 07 2020 Arizona Outfitters and Guides. Although deer eat shade tolerant plants and acorns this is not the only way deer can shift the balance in favor of nutrient competitors. Coues deer are most common in Arizona 39 s southeastern mountains but range up to the edge of the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. Arizona offer this hunt in the month of January when our bucks are in full rut You will get opportunities on some great buck from 150 to 190 P Y Awesome hunt Jan 17 2020 Additionally the tag is not species specific either so you can absolutely pursue both mule deer and Coues deer with the same tag. There are 11 Coues hunts with 10 of those being bucks that score over 105 inches. Sep 15 2017 The Best Guided Hunting Outfitters in Arizona Hunts for Mule Deer Coues Deer Black Bear Pronghorn Antelope Elk Bighorn Sheep and more. I have not hunted Coues in the area but several other animals and spend a good amount of time back roading those Dec 09 2016 Shooting and effective range. 6 Considerations to keep in mind when trying to get within shooting range of coues deer. The best Coues deer range is south of Tucson to the nbsp Use this guide to learn about Arizona 39 s Coues Whitetail Deer Odocoileus as the preferred pronunciation throughout their North American range and most nbsp Once a trophy Coues buck is located the spot and stalk method is used to get within shooting range. If your sure kill range is 30 yards stop there if it s 20 stop there. Perfectly Timed Arizona Buck buck believed at first to be a magnum Coues 39 deer had been evaluated by two former Arizona deer biologists. Arizona offers unique and flexible opportunities for any archery mule deer ranch has approximately 6 000 acres of private land and quality Coues deer habitat. Tucson Arizona They are common in southern Mexico in the thick forest and in the jungles. We had crawled the last 50 or so yards to get into position and had set the rifle up to bag me a trophy. 567 likes 35 talking about this. Odocoileus virginianus couesi the Coues 39 white tailed deer is named after him. Since the Coues deer is so small they will vanish before your eyes even in the Arizona open terrain. On August 23rd I grabbed my pack and PSE bo Aug 17 2010 Our extensive statewide team of hardworking highly experienced professional Arizona Coues Deer Guides maintains numerous highly active archery Coues Deer stands and Coues Deer blinds year round in order to provide you the hunter with some of the highest success rates available anywhere for Pope amp Young Coues Deer bucks. Summer Range bucks in velvet for this hunt. 4 What you need to do to draw a good coues deer tag and have a great hunt. Arizona has another deer hunting option with Coues Whitetail. These hunts are OTC. What is the range coues deer are found Have an ranch i can hunt near payson az but not sure there are any in that area. Wildtv. The canyons where Coues deer live are usually big and nbsp 20 Dec 2018 Coues range over much of the state with highest densities occurring in the south. These Maps are designed for Southern Arizona Coues Deer hunters. These deer were first scientifically described by naturalist and Army physician Dr. Name Description Outdoor Connection Outdoor Connection is the Worldwide Hunting and Fishing Authority. 4 Overview of the various coues deer seasons and why the late rifle season is a great hunt but hard to draw. Big Game Fred Bohm September 17 Coues deer are most common in Arizona 39 s southeastern mountains but range up on to the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. Coues Whitetail Deer hunting in Arizona is a truly unique hunt. Oct 02 2018 Minimum Requirements for a Deer Hunting Scope. John is a professional hunter from the Phoenix area. White tailed deer are herbivores leisurely grazing on most available plant foods. It contains 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In fact the Coues range is not known to touch that of larger whitetails. from the two hybrid Coues X mule deer specimens in their collection. Receive Monthly HUNTING UPDATES specifically for Arizona amp New Mexico . Most of our deer hunts consist of spot and stalk but we also have some secluded blinds set up if you would prefer to This is the nice 8 point Coues deer buck Eddie Claypool took during his January 2010 return trip to Arizona 39 s Galiuro Mountains. Trophy Mule deer amp Whitetail deer are the most sought after and most difficult to obtain in North America. Elliot Coues while stationed at Fort Whipple Arizona 1865 to 1866. The 2 221 sq. Coues Outfitters makes hunting in Sonora Mexico simple and carefree with no headaches. Spirituality. There are several burns old and new that also nbsp Hunters that choose to hunt Coues Deer in Arizona are in for a real treat. We take you where the hunting action is Our deer hunts are all guided trips. Whipple AZ from 1865 1866. 20 59. Coues Deer Hunting with Sonoran Outfitters. hunting arizona coues deer color block az hunting. The habitat is predominately thick and rugged. Collins Colorado to an area south of Tucson where I had hunted the previous three years. Due to their natural predators within their habitat Coues nbsp Riding Arizona 39 s Desert Trails in Search of Coues Deer glow rose from the east silhouetting the peaks of jagged mountain ranges as far as the eye could see. Results For Deer Coues Hunting Guides amp Outfitters Listings Price Range 4. Details of the hunt are limited but we know it was taken south of Highway 70 possibly in the Mount Turnbull area. Arizona Guided Hunts Outfitters and Guides for Coues Deer Mule Deer Elk Black Bear Javelina Desert Bighorn Sheep. com FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases. Over the Counter Archery Mule Deer Hunts in Arizona are the most overlooked in the west with opportunity at trophy caliber bucks with an average 160 180 class bucks with annual bucks exceeding 180 and our biggest archery buck to date being 223 inches Jan 14 2019 Arizona Coues Deer Hunt Last year was my first time hunting Coues in southern Arizona. Guided coues deer hunts with Big Rim Outfitters in New Mexico near Winston NM. 2. com offers deer hunts to old Mexico. TROPHY RIFLE ARCHERY COUES WHITETAIL DEER HUNTS FROM RIO SONORA OUTFITTERS LLC Rio Sonora Outfitters is highly experienced in the field of Free Range Fair Chase Trophy Coues Whitetail Deer hunting in Mexico. It was a few days into the hunt and after many hours behind the glass the largest bucks found were only some basket racked 3 3 s. Range Snap Rifle Rests Skull Hooker TieDowns Trail Cameras Black Tshirt with Custom Coues Deer Artwork. I killed one of my largest bucks a heavy antlered 4x4 10 years ago in an area that had previously been a mule deer only spot. Clay Goldman Coues these deer are however patternable and for the long range shooter coues deer may just be the ticket. It 39 s also very seldom not windy in the canyon country they call home. Arizona Coues Deer Hunting Hunters that choose to hunt Coues Deer in Arizona are in for a real treat. 5 Creedmoor for hunting big game at longer ranges like mule deer pronghorn Himalayan Tahr sheep mountain goat and chamois. I shoot a 7 mag topped with a 4 16x42AO eagle eye optic. Arizona Coues Deer Hunts. Your Coues Deer stock images are ready. The White tailed Coues Deer is a sub species of White tailed Deer. Keeler. Your hunting days will consist of glassing and high racking. Arizona Game and Fish Department Research Branch 222 1 W. I always suggest you come for a rifle hunt first to get your first taste of Coues deer hunting before you try an Arizona Archery hunt. They have a home range of about 2 4 sq miles but rarely venture out of their core areas of 1 2 mile. During this time span clients have had near 100 success on bucks over 95 inches with many taking bucks over the magical 100 inch mark. We provide reasonable expectations and help hunters harvest FREE RANGE deer on an extremely consistent basis Arizona Backcountry Archery Coues Deer and Javelina Film Here is a short film of my 2019 archery deer javelina hunt with my brother here in Arizona. Typical Coues deer habitat in unit 22 is scrub oaks manzanita and juniper. These hunts are exciting and tags are easily available. In states like New Mexico and Arizona archers can hunt Coues whitetails or desert mule deer. Includes guide service accommodations meals and transportation to and from Tucson Arizona. Coues deer above 100 are taken in Arizona every year. Aaron and Greg head to Arizona to chase desert whitetails Arizona Game and Fish http bit. These unique little deer offer a challenging hunt and are found only in southwestern New Mexico southern Arizona and northern Mexico. Choose Options. Jul 10 2019 Arizona coues deer drew a rifle tag The Coues deer are about 32 quot at the shoulder and rarely exceed 100 lbs. 500 Hunting Native to India and Sri Lanka the Axis Deer was introduced to the United States decades ago and now is one of the most common deer in southern areas of the country. Don 39 t be fooled Distribution 4K 10K ft in central and southeastern Arizona Habitat nbsp 18 May 2012 The illustration above shows the distribution of Coues deer in Arizona. The best ways to hunt deer on the range are to either get up on the hills on the far east side or to walk the high edges of the major river beds that cut 5 day Coues Deer for 1x1 hunter. 006 in supplemented diets compared to native diets. coues deer late rifle. 00 Value 4 200. Thread starter Jayden12 Start date Jan 29 2019 Jan 29 2019 1 J. Over the years bears have become my favorite species to pursue here in Arizona. Their stomachs allow them to digest a varied diet including leaves twigs fruits and nuts grass corn alfalfa Coues deer are most common in Arizona 39 s southeastern mountains but range up to the edge of the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. You rarely see the Coues deer below 200 or 300 feet of elevation. Glad you had fun down there. Welcome to Arizona hunting the little gray ghosts 2 Feb 2017 Any Coues deer hunter knows that such habitat is prime big buck country. As such Axis Deer hunts are available at many times during the year. S. Jul 27 2019 Arizona coues deer drew a rifle tag I tell them to grab their deer rifle and come on out to the range and hit a partially obscured 12 quot target in a breeze from The closer you get the more likely a deer is to sense your presence and the more explosively it will react. The OTC tags and licenses for our trophy Arizona coues or mule deer trip are purchased over the counter and do not need to be drawn. He was a founder of the In addition to ornithology he did valuable work in mammalogy his book He felt the Big Rim Outfitters is a trophy outfitter offering guided hunts in both New Mexico near Winston NM and West Texas. Let s start with a little history to help paint a picture why Coues deer are such a treasured and unique specie in Arizona. This DVD came out in October 2006 and is full of some excellent Coues hunting video. Arizona and New Mexico essentially constitute fringe habitats Old Mexico the real Coues whitetail epicenter. 19. These tiny deer inhabit most of Arizona between Flagstaff and the Mexican border at elevations of 3 500 and 6 000 ft. Coues Deer Unlimited Morenci Arizona. We have multiple Ranches and options for these Mexicali Desert Bighorn. I m looking to get my wife and I our first coues here in a few months and we have been wearing out my targets. Price Low and Options of Arizona Coues Deer Rifle Hunt And Best Ar 10 Hunting Ri Jan 28 2019 2018 Coues Winner. Aug 09 2012 Whatever caliber you can consistently hit an 8 quot circle with at the ranges you expect to shoot. Feb 11 2016 Gunwerks Predator Specialist Dustin Butler heads to Arizona with Mark Boardman to hunt monster coues deer. The Mule deer ranges throughout western Canada the western U. Bucks stand just over 30 inches at the shoulder and rarely weigh over 100 pounds. 11 Apr 2017 A prime example is the way that hunting Coues deer with both rifle and Arizona 39 s Mogollon Rim forms their northern range boundary while nbsp 9 Aug 2012 hollow point boat tail out to 300 yards with well placed shots. Sep 21 2015 Coues have to range farther for food and water and are more of a mountain deer than the east Texas deer. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime perpetual amp worldwide rights. The Mule Deer hunts are on the Kaibab Arizona Strip or the high desert units. Learning an area and knowing the animals and their habits is the key to success. Oct 18 2020 The Coues bucks may be spotted up to a mile away. They are most abundant in areas of predictable summer precipitation. Archery Hunting deer in AZ is what we specialize in. The deer found in Arizona are small targets. Most of my life desert mule deer had been classified as Odocoileus hemionus crooki after Gen. Nov 14 2016 Coues country. I was able to pick up a tag for one of the southern units and with a little help from my buddy Ed at Gameplanner Maps and countless hours of the Jay Scott Podcast I had a pretty good idea of where I needed to go and what I needed to do. Coues Whitetail Deer Hunts Coues Outfitters provides fully guided or semi guided whitetail hunts in Sonora Mexico both in December and January during the rut. It 39 s the perfect location for an epic combination hunt Desert mule deer and Coues deer country does overlap in many areas. We rent out a Genesis Compound Bow or a Razorback Recurve and 6 Arrows to you for only 25. Coues deer hunting is a long range dodge. The antler mass on Ed Stockwell 39 s Coues 39 whitetail deer sets it apart from any other Arizona carried very heavy antlers that are not typically found on Coues 39 deer In fact the Coues 39 range is not known to touch that of larger whitetails. Thanks Aug 27 2018 Coues deer in Arizona From The Mountain Project At last it s Brittany s turn to hunt the one tag she drew in 2017 a muzzleloader Coues deer tag in a southern Arizona unit. com chan 3. Giant felines threaten the story but Steve stays on course and articu Move stealthy quiet but don 39 t waste time either. He will look good on your wall and every time Unit 21 Coues Deer Unit 21 Coues Deer. hunt depending on ranch Border crossing Douglas Arizona Agua Prieta Sonora nbsp Buy Arizona Coues Deer Hunting Tshirt Shop top fashion brands T Shirts at Amazon. Big Horn Sheep. The map above is used nbsp Hunt trophy Coues Whitetail Deer with Timberland Outfitters right here in the good ole USA with guaranteed tags Archery deer tags in Arizona are Over The nbsp Coues Whitetail Deer hunting in Arizona is a truly unique hunt. Scientific Name Odocoileus virginianus couesi. A large Coues buck might top the scales at 100 lb. Mule Deer. The canyons where Coues deer live are usually big and open. Jeff Jenness produced the general range and density map in chapters 1 and 2 adapting it from R. Accommodations include comfortable wall tents with heaters home cooked meals and showers. couesi Coues 39 white tailed deer Arizona white tailed deer or fantail deer nbsp Coues Deer Unlimited Morenci Arizona. Sheep are located in isolated mountain ranges separated by flat desert. Of course with both species there is an opportunity for the possibility of harvesting the buck of a lifetime a 220 mule deer or a 120 Coues deer. I have matching whitetail coues and a matching mule deer and matching elk antlers was curious if you would be interested in purchasing them. these tags can be drawn with minimal deer points and the challenge these animals present will not disappoint the most skilled of hunters. These are pre configured maps and printed one at a time. From. Coues deer range is marked in blue in Arizona New Mexico and Mexico. 00. These deer are only 12 quot from the top of their back to the bottom of their chest. Coues took an interest in spiritualism and began speculations in Theosophy. By getting most of its water from cactus the Coues 39 deer has adapted to dry country where most whitetails are incapable of surviving. carminis white tailed deer inhabit montane mixed oak and pine woodland communities. little tricks to improve your success in coues deer hunting. Outfitter 332. For the past three years in Mexico we have consistently killed deer that are 100 B amp C and up with a combined average of 115 B amp C. In east Texas I hunted whitetails in creek bottoms and hardwood and pine forests. Arizona Coues deer hunting might be one of the most underrated opportunities in western big game hunting. Click here for more information on Coues deer from the Arizona Game and Fish site. Includes Printed Map and matching Digital Maps. Coues whitetail are exceptionally small and bucks rarely weigh more than 100 pounds. lt p gt He felt the inadequacy of formal orthodox science in dealing with the deeper problems of human life and destiny. Special thanks to all the attendees special musical guest Bryan White and AZGFD Commissioners James Goughnour and Todd Geiler. Greenway Road Phoenix AZ 85023 Abstract Competition for forage between Coues white tailed deer and domestic cattle is a concern in the Southwest. The Coues deer is much smaller than most of its eastern cousins. Coues 39 Whitetail Deer Odocoileus virginianus couesi Archery OTC Mule Deer hunts . May 23 2019 Another plus to this hunt is that in south Arizona the mule deer and Coues deer rut in late December and early January. Once a trophy Coues buck is located the spot and stalk method is used to get within shooting range. Field dressed the deer was light enough to throw over her shoulders for the hike out. Coues Deer Unlimited. George Crook 1830 1890 . Prehunt scouting is also advantageous. General and muzzleloader deer hunts will occur on standard opening dates. This is a 4 5 day hunt expect to see and or stalk on mature coues deer between 85 115 quot . Semmens general range map of Coues white tailed deer in Arizona. Many of the hunts were filmed in Mexico but there are some monster Arizona bucks as well. It s public land and the unit is popular. Axis bucks can be in hard horn any time of the year as they grow and shed antlers on their own clock. couesi and Carmen Mountains O. 3 Things to keep in mind if you ever go coues deer hunting. Coues deer are most common in Arizona 39 s southeastern mountains but range up on to the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. Coues deer hunts are spread out through October November and December. Video of Michael 39 s hunt. Jan 04 2015 The subspecies of White tailed deer in southern Arizona is called the Coues White tailed deer. So we have secured some of the best Deer hunting ranches in the Sonora Desert of old Mexico. So for this article we wil be talking rifle hunting Bowhunting Coues Deer in Arizona New Mexico anywhere in the southwest is one of the most challenging and rewarding hunts for a bow hunter. Arizona s Mogollon Rim forms their northern range boundary while the Colorado River forms the western boundary. For all sampling periods crude protein phosphorus in vitro digestible dry matter and calcium levels were higher P less than or equal to 0. Also the closer you get the more intense the situation and the more nervous you ll get. Coues Deer and Mule Deer Packages. Acquiring the confidence to hit a small target at distance requires many hours of practice. Forget normal whitetail range. Like most other western states Arizona has seen a slight decline in its mule deer and Coues populations. I had put a hefty slew of hours miles and sweat into preparing this area. Darrell from Maine finished his quot Deer Slam quot with this great Coues deer buck. It includes a hunt with one of the first ever bullet vapor trails seen on video Western Whitetail 2 Game Planner Coues Map Packages cover Arizona game management unit 36A. A Coues deer hunt is one of the most unique hunts on the planet. Arizona 39 s nbsp This private access will enable the hunter to get into prime deer habitat quicker less We are licensed by the Coronado National Forest out of Arizona but they nbsp I would like to hunt Arizona Coues Deer. The season dates for these deer happen at These small deer are a subspecies of the Whitetail. Game Planner Coues Deer Maps are built on the same synthetic media as Game Planner Custom Maps. guided coues deer hunts in arizona and mexico Above all other species Mesquite Mountain Outfitters considers the Coues Deer to be the most challenging and rewarding. 190 E Coues Deer Ln Payson AZ 85541 is currently not for sale. Compare. 00 per day. With over 30 years in business this outfitter has hosted hundreds of successful hunts and his professional guides are some of the best in Available in a range of colours and styles for men women and everyone. Hiking is part of it sure but so are the wild temperature shifts you need to dress for the extreme long range glassing and the often extreme long range shooting. As the mule deer population has declined coues deer have moved to lower elevation habitat that 30 years ago was inhabited by mule deer. Of the Central Arizona units 23 is perhaps the most coveted of all for Coues deer hunting. range in nbsp Since the Coues deer is so small they will vanish before your eyes even in the Arizona open terrain. Big Game Fred Bohm September 12 2014 arizona deer hunting 6 Comments. We will personally drive you to and from the hunting ranch from Tucson or you can caravan down with us in your own truck. Arizona. The majority may be found at 6 000 to 7 500 feet. If you find product Deals. Hunting mule deer in Sonora is no easy task. Joined Nov 6 2018 Messages 98. Arizona Archery Elk Unit 10 Dustin Kuhn 39 s 386 quot Arizona Archery Elk Unit 10 Tim Allen 39 s 400 quot 2017 2018 Mexico Coues Deer Hunts Now Booking 2012 Mexico Coues Deer Hunt Pics and Video Arizona Deer Hunts Late AZ Elk Hunts Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunts Bob O 39 Connor 39 s Unit 15D North Desert Bighorn Sheep Mule Deer Foundation s Arizona Regional Director John Gebhart Salt Lake City Utah The Mule Deer Foundation recently brought on John Gebhart as the regional director for the state of Arizona. In this piece we break down succesful tactics for bow hunting coues deer in the American Southwest. Coues Deer. Arizona Coues Deer Arizona United States 3 000. Private Land Boundaries and Public Land Surface Ownership. Coues deer can be really tough to hunt. My friend and I spent 5 days in 36B on a late Dec guided hunt and left unsuccessful. Our Haunts. Sep 18 2015 Stateside the desert country of southern Arizona holds an estimated 85 000 coues deer according to Big Game Management Supervisor Amber Munig perfect for a public land DIY hunt. Mexico Deer. This hunt About the Coues Deer. Steve returns to southern Arizona to stalk one of his favorite quarry the elusive Coues deer. For closer range situations and daylight shots a basic 3 9 40 scope should be plenty good enough for whitetails mule deer or elk. Coues white tailed deer Bowhunting Coues Deer in Arizona 39 s Blue Range Wilderness. The Arizona Coues Deer Hunt is one of the most over looked hunts in the west with opportunities at trophy caliber bucks ranging from 90 105 B amp C on average with some bucks harvested exceeding 110 B amp C. 1 How things went on my Arizona coues deer hunt. He resigned from the army in 1881 to devote himself entirely to scientific research. Coues range over much of the state with highest densities occurring in the south. Click HERE for more information and pricing on Mule Deer Hunting. This phenomenal non typical Coues 39 deer Odocoileus virginianus couesi was taken in the late 1960s on the San Carlos Indian Reservation by a tribal member. This is the ultimate desert hunting experience In the rugged mountains of Chihuahua we hunt giant free range ranches loaded with some of the best coues deer habitat in the world plus the rocky terrain that holds great numbers of aoudad rams. This hunt is provided on atv off road vehicle on foot or horseback whichever the client prefers. youtube. The Arizona Archery Club has rental equipment available. Camouflage and keen senses of these deer make them a true trophy. Our archery success on Coues Deer is 99 with most Coues bucks scoring over the Pope amp Young minimum. as not habitat Couse don 39 t move much you can see the same deer year reason I 39 ve started obsessing over Arizona and Coues Deer idk why. Cola Blanca Outfitters is now well known as one of the Finest Outfitters hunting Coues deer anywhere. unfair advantage while promoting the conservation of both habitat and nbsp 24 Mar 2017 Arizona Deer News Management Information Population Video Facts This is a collection of coues buck pictures I 39 ve gotten on my trail cams over and mitigate wildlife habitat fragmentation as Arizona continues to grow. Next photo With access to over 36 000 acres throughout North and South Texas Prone has hosted hundreds of successful Whitetail deer hunts since 2011. Arizona offers some excellent opportunities to hunt Coues deer on easy to draw rifle tags and over the counter archery hunts during the rut. Report Coues Deer Mule Deer Goulds Turkey Elk Javelina. The Draw has teamed up with one of the most renowned Coues deer outfitters in the world. Don 39 t overlook lower elevation areas. WITH COUNTRY VENTURES AND BRIAN EASON THE COUES NINJA BOOK YOUR ARIZONA OR NEW MEXICO HUNT TODAY AND REQUEST THE COUES NINJA Give us a call 417. Jayden12 Member. Genus Odocoileus Species virginianus Life Span 6 to 14 years in the wild 18 to 25 years in the captivity Geographic Range Found from nbsp Looking for some nasty wilderness areas to pursue the elusive Coues deer. These deer have a very small range that 39 s what most people don 39 t understand said Adams. Trophy hunters leave roads and The Coues Whitetail properly pronounced cows but almost everyone pronounces it coos is a small subspecies of white tailed deer found in Arizona New Mexico and Mexico. The video I have seen of hunting those particular deer is pretty much glass and stalk. These hunts usually take place in steep country with a lot of glassing. But Stockwell 39 s buck scored 143 points and was was so massive it raised doubts. Ridgeline Outfitters hunts in many different units throughout New Mexico for coues whitetail. Wary and expert at using cover Coues deer rarely offer a standing shot once jumped and their popularity from a trophy hunter 39 s standpoint is increasing. Ockenfels distribution and density map of Coues white tailed deer in Arizona and J. Hunters should plan on several scouting trips to cover all of the possible hunting areas. Coues deer are a blast to hunt. Hunting will be done in classic spot and stalk fashion with your guide using high power optics to locate the quot gray ghost quot of the desert. Our most recent conversation is with Jay Scott talking about DIY Coues Deer hunting in Arizona Jay explains how to make it happen. Mike Davidson takes a Tough Shot at three targets with one bullet. The ranches that we manage are located near Banamichi Sonora an easy 4. Thus we were born Nov 11 2019 Arizona Coues Deer Hunt Archery or Rifle With vast access to both private ranches and public land this Arizona Coues Deer hunt is the perfect low competition low pressure high success hunt. Heffelfinger and D. We are a Veteran owned amp family run business hunting and guiding on over 13 000 000 acres of private and public land. Hunting the Chiracahua Mountain Range for white tail Coues deer seems to be a daunting enterprise. We investigated seasonal diets of deer and cattle in southern Arizona during 1987 89 to determine dietary overlap. You can stay with us longer for an additional 500. Due to their natural predators within their habitat Coues deer are always on edge. Species. Arizona Coues Deer Hunt 2021 5 Day Coues Whitetail Deer Hunt in Arizona for one hunter with Coues Outfitters This is a free range hunt in the beautiful mountains of Southern Arizona. Coues whitetail deer live in nearly every portion of it form the Saguaro covered hills just north of Roosevelt Lake to the dark timber of the Sierra Ancha and Mogollon Rim. in draw units and in areas with over the counter license opportunities in Arizona. Its about 20 miles south of payson. Trophy Rifle Coues Hunts. Add Reading Time lt 1 minute lt br gt Some even refer to hunting Coues deer as the poor man s sheep hunt because of the harsh terrain involved. A December white tailed deer hunt will open the Friday of week 50 and continue to the end of the year. Arizona Hunting Maps Unit Topo Elk Deer Antelope. Specifically made for Arizona Coues Deer hunters. Those occupied areas tend to be within the 4000 6500 ft. Early to mid January can mean peak rut hunting for both species. Most bring a 270. Overview Mule deer are distributed throughout the unit at elevations usually below 5400 . We offer several fully guided 5 day hunts with an additional travel day each way from Tucson to the ranch in Sonora and back to Tucson. Coues Deer Hunts are offered in the northern units near the mogollon rim and also in the central amp southern Arizona units. Geographic Range Found from southern Canada to South America Offspring 1 3 fawns Conservation Status Least concern Fun Fact The Coues Whitetail properly pronounced quot cows quot but almost everyone pronounces it quot coos quot is one of 35 subspecies of white tailed deer. Enter John Stallone. Coues deer are most common in Arizona s southeastern mountains but range up on to the Mogollon Rim and into the White Mountains. A typical day includes getting to a glassing point and glassing all morning and then stalking the deer in the midday while they are bedded. If you re interested in a guided coues deer mule deer elk bighorn sheep or turkey hunt check out Colburn Scott Outfitters. Nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to improving habitat and expanding Arizona s mule deer and Coues deer herds. In December and January when the weather is cold and snowy imagine arriving in Arizona to a full service hunting camp. Our firearms success rate On Coues Deer is 100 with most animals scoring 95 inches or better. This home last sold for 249 400 in July 2017. Thankfully Andy took a break from chasing lions with his dogs to help on my December rifle hunt in Arizona. Stalking too carefully can mean he disappears into cover of over an adjacent ridge. They are mostly found in areas of predictable summer rain prefer wooded areas of chaparral oak and pine with interspersed clearings and are usually found at higher elevations than mule deer. Chances to draw a rifle tag are excellent and in a lot of instances it 39 s virtually guaranteed. It 39 s an arid high desert range 40 miles north of the Arizona Mexico border and 10 miles west of New Mexico. Arizona Muzzleloader Hunting Season. Nearest Airport Tucson . Great work. That will help put a LOT of projects to work. The guided hunts begin the last week of October running through the end of December. 5 day full outfitted Coues deer and mule deer hunts. 20th Ave Our range is easily accessible with a parking lot for your team building outings or your whole party. The biggest difference between the Coues and others is size with adults standing only 32 34 Early Season Mule Deer Hunts Hunts begin 3rd Friday of August through 2nd Thursday of September. If hunter is flying in transport to and from the airport can be arranged. Both are excellent trophy hunts with lots of great deer and opportunity Rifle Coues Deer tags in Arizona are obtained through a lottery draw with 100 draw success for the hunts we provide This outfitter has exceptional high success trophy quality coues Deer hunts even with archery. Five of the top 10 typical archery records come from Arizona nbsp 8 Jun 2019 Coues Deer Habitat. Our Phoenix Axe Throwing range is located at 2005 W Deer Valley Rd Suite 104 Phoenix AZ close to I 17 and 101. In North America the species is widely distributed east of the Rocky Mountains as well as in southwestern Arizona and most of Mexico aside from Lower California. Last year on this exact day December 30th we had spotted a very nice coues deer buck about 2 miles away and the stalk was started. Call 1 800 755 8247 Hunting the Coues whitetail deer in Arizona is the best option a hunter has at harvesting a great Coues deer without having to travel to Mexico. Hunter is responsible for travel to camp and home. They are extremely hard core hunters with high success and happy clients as their focus. Unit 16A Arizona Species Information Bighorn Sheep Overview This unit can be difficult to hunt due to the disjunct sheep habitat. Its no secret that I love hunting Coues deer the terrain they live in their recluse nature small stature and uncanny ability to avoid danger make them some of the most formidable animals to hunt in North America. Coues deer hunting and typical western big game hunting greatly between high and low elevation deserts deep canyons and volcanic mountain ranges nbsp Due to the open habitat that he lives hunting Coues deer is very different to New Mexico and Arizona we prefer to hunt Coues deer in Sonora in Mexico where nbsp The best places to hunt mule deer in arizona arizona otc archery mule deer you will Its range has expanded via transplants and established populations now nbsp The elevation for elk hunts ranges from 6000 to 8000 feet in juniper flats to fir Our second deer hunt combines mule deer coues deer and javelina on an nbsp 14 Oct 2019 Coues deer inhabit Southwestern mountain ranges consisting mostly of Locally the deer is often referred to as Arizona whitetail and termed nbsp TROPHY RIFLE ARCHERY COUES WHITETAIL DEER HUNTS FROM field of Free Range Fair Chase Trophy Coues Whitetail Deer hunting in Mexico. Hunting License 37 Non Resident License 160 Resident OTC Tag 45 Non Resident OTC Tag 300 Guided Hunt 2 850 Trip available on Aug 21st 2020 Sept 10th 2020 Dec 18th 2020 Jan 31st 2021 Unit 23 is a vast and variable unit. Coues Whitetail Deer Classic T Shop for Best Price Arizona Coues Deer Rifle Hunt And Best Ar 10 Hunting Rifle . When it comes to hunting water Steve sees less consistency with mule deer hitting a specific water source day in and day out. You clearly put in the practice at the range and knew the limits of your body and your equipment dialed it up and trusted your muscle memory. Up until this point we had been backpack hunting in various areas across Arizona in search of mule deer javelina but with an emphasis on Coues deer. Arizona guided coues deer hunts COUES DEER amp AOUDAD COMBO. Many knowledgeable hunters consider the desert Coues Deer because of their diminutive size coloration and the rugged terrain they inhabit the most difficult of all the Whitetail subspecies to hunt. They are most abundant in nbsp Coues are denizens of Southwestern mountain ranges consisting mostly of scrub oak Stateside Coues deer are pursued in Arizona and New Mexico. Arizona is home to the elusive gray ghost also known as the Coues deer technically pronounced cowz . Over the last five years WTA s trusted outfitters have proven New Mexico coues deer hunting rivals some of the best areas in Arizona. Business Service Arizona Desert Outfitters. These hunts were filmed over eight years in Arizona and New Mexico. On I 17 take exit W Deer Valley Rd Go East on W Deer Valley Rd We are on the South side at the intersection of N. Coues deer will range from the mid 80s to 100 inches with some bucks breaking that 105 to 112 inch mark. 0 bath property. Arizona 39 s other deer the Coues is a subspecies of the white tailed deer. A few of us are planning a public land Arizona Coues Deer hunt next January so we asked the advice of an expert. Coues Maps Feature 1. Outfitter 754. They prefer woodlands of chaparral oak and pine with interspersed clearings. They accord in general with the recognized conditions of hibernation in many mammals. Coues Deer . The Sonoran Desert is well known for the trophy class bucks the region regularly produces. Draw Required. Jun 03 2019 Making the most of the late season coues deer hunt in Arizona From Hushin quot Part 2 of our Coues Deer Series picks up where part 1 left off. It 39 s an arid high desert range 40 miles north of the Arizona nbsp Lone Rock Outfitters offers Trophy Coues Whitetail and Desert Mule Deer I have been hunting Coues deer in Arizona for over 30 years and know where and Our accommodations range from staying on our property to backpacking into nbsp The Arizona Deer Association is a non profit conservation organization dedicated to improving habitat and expanding Arizona 39 s mule deer and Coues 39 deer nbsp 9 Feb 2017 Most of New Mexico 39 s southern Gila and Black Range in Grant and Catron counties and places in Arizona 39 s Galliuro Chiricahua and Dragoon nbsp Bowhunting Coues Deer in Arizona New Mexico anywhere in the southwest is to have to increase your effective range if you want to up your odds of success. The Santa Rita Experimental Range is a good place to look for mule deer. There was a severe lack of outfitters that designed their service around True Trophy Success. Steven Rinella drew a tag to hunt the elusive Coues Deer in the stark mountains of southern Arizona where his spot and stalk skills will be pushed to the limit hunting these tiny ghostlike deer. The Coues whitetail pronounced cows is the only species of whitetail in Arizona. Arizona nbsp White tailed deer are found south of Flagstaff through Central Arizona all the way to the Mexico border. All rifle deer hunts can be either 4 or 7 day hunts depending on the hunters choice. Published on January Coues Whitetail Deer Elk Mule Deer New Mexico Elk Hunt Turkey Winners 2019 Arizona Big Game Super Raffle All That 39 s a heckuva iong shot at a tiny animal. Arizona Coues deer hunting Hunt the elusive desert mountain Coues whitetail deer in Arizona. Spot and stalk Coues deer and Mule deer hunting is extremely visual and will test your The experience is exciting especially when you creep within range. This outfitter has over a 30 year track record of putting his clients on these amazing deer. Often called the Gray Ghost these pint sized deer are the most challenging deer that Arizona and New Mexico has to offer. Our guides have spent countless hours behind the glass running trail cameras and actively hunting these amazing deer. These quot grey ghosts quot have a very diverse span of territory and terrain ranging from low elevation nbsp . Three coues bucks taken on this hunt now rank in the top ten of SCI records. Unit 16A is not traditionally known for Continue reading quot Unit 16A Arizona quot The Arizona Game and Fish Department 39 s 2021 Spring Draw entry application period closed 10 13 2020 11 59 59 PM. Includes up to 1 Hunter 5 Days Activities Shooting range Hiking Wine tasting. When several does moved into gun range she raised her Marlin . 7358. They 39 re there one minute gone the next. 45 kg ovendry weight of American jointvetch per day over 2 growing seasons. Coues Outfitters provides quality hunts in Sonora Mexico for Coues Whitetail Gould 39 s Turkey Mule Deer Mountain Lion and Javelina. 1 Day Shoot Results 2 Day Shoot Results Arizona 3D Championship Series 2017 Arizona Guided Coues Mule Deer Hunt Raffle. 6838 Josh s First Archery Coues Deer When the month of August rolls around I have one thing on my mind when it comes to hunting. Chip shots at 500 yards practicing with my 28 Nosler for an upcoming Arizona Coues Deer hunt. The terrain had more thick vegetation than we have here in Arizona. Rifle hunters should be prepared for distances from 200 yards to 500 yards if the need arrises. 00 For me and my clients coues have fallen to 30 06 308 270 243 300 win 300 roy 7mm mag and 25 06. Andy s a big buck magnet so I was more than happy that he could tag along. Hunting season for Coues deer in Arizona is August through the end of the year depending on the tag you draw and or weapon you use. Rancho Mababi has a long history of producing these quality animals. We hunt Coues Deer Mule Deer Turkey Elk and Javelina in Arizona New Mexico Whitetail Turkey in John and Mike present over 40 years of hunting and guiding for Coues deer to you along with some great hunts for Boone and Crockett Coues bucks. If trophy coues deer hunting is on your bucket list this is your guy Trophy quality is VERY good and hunters can expect to see 70 100 class bucks. 95. But I always target bucks that are 100 inches and larger. Been told by a non hunter that works the ranch they see a lot of little deer but they have no clue what kind. I headed south in January 5 2009 1000 miles from my home in Ft. 575 743 0448. Feb 13 2016 Long Range Pursuit Monster Arizona Coues Deer with Dustin Butler. We pursue these trophy mulies on some of the finest free range ranches in Mexico. Additional details of the hunt were lost when the hunter died. And second are the Dec Jan Rut Hunts. This terrain caters to multiple hunting styles including spot and stalk sitting natural resources and still hunting. Stateside Coues deer are pursued in Arizona and New Mexico. The new browser will be built from the ground up and disregard any code from the IE platform. But despite Sam s offer to come help glass after filling his tags on Sandhill Cranes Our mule deer hunts are strictly fair chase. We are one of the few companies that offer 3 Day 5 Day and 7 Day hunt packages. 00 License Fees 460. Spot and stalk and sitting on patterned bucks to water or licks. We have the best Free Range areas on mainland Sonora as well as some very large estate areas where We can guarantee success on nearly any size trophy you are looking for. Antlers are small compared to our West Virginia whitetails. Vail Arizona United States 85641 The 127gr VOR TX LR load is a really good choice for a person who wants to use the 6. The majesty of the Sierra Madre mountains in the east part of Sonora makes the perfect range for this exclusive White tailed Coues Deer. Our guides have been hunting on the Mababi for over 20 years and several bucks scoring over 130 have been taken with the largest a world class Range Closures Events Shoot Results. 208 991 4868 Coues Deer Arizona White tailed Deer Odocoileus virginianus couesi doe Arizona A female Coues 39 White tailed Deer pausing from feeding in the mountains of Arizona. Jul 22 2011 Arizona Unit 23 Coues Deer Unit 23 supports very good numbers of coues deer and good numbers of high quality trophy coues deer bucks. Our December January archery deer season here in Arizona is a hunt that has skyrocketed to the top of my favorites. A short fourth tine on the left antler made him a 3x4 with four inch brow tines. More Coues Whitetail Deer Photos . Five of the top 10 typical archery records come from Arizona with only two from Mexico Sonora All 10 non typicals were taken in Arizona. You certainly will not find them under every tree but there are some absolute giant coues deer bucks that are alive and well as we speak in Unit 23. Habitat. For those that know me you know that the answer to that is bears. A3 Trophy Hunts was born from the need for an outfitter to be available for hunters that wanted to maximize the potential of their tag and strive for top end trophy success. and northern Mexico. Sign up below. Dec 20 2018 In terms of geographic area numbers and size Arizona is the clear front runner for a Coues deer hunt destination. Follow Jay on Instagram at jayscottoutdoors and subscribe to the Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast. Hence the Coues label. After tracking the buck and finally being able to put my hands on this nbsp Coues whitetails are found in central and southern Arizona and the southwestern corner of New Mexico and most all of Sonora Mexico. Shooting Hunting Range. Coues Deer Country The smallest hunted subspecies of the White tailed Deer in North America the Coues Whitetail an indigenous to central and southeastern Arizona. When stratified a series of 7 day hunts may occur throughout October and November with all hunts opening on a specific Friday. Typically bachelor groups varying between 3 5 bucks in a group. . Exhibiting No Additional Hunters 4 200. Mule Deer JAMES DUDLEY GUIDED HUNTS SPECIALIZES IN CENTRAL ARIZONA PUBLIC LAND HUNTS FOR ELK COUES DEER AND MULE DEER. Trophy Coues Deer Hunting in Arizona. Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Mule deer Odocoileus hemionus are easy to identify due to their large mule like ears. Our cell phone number is 928 358 9997. 111 likes 7 talking about this. Scouting Packages. It was the last day of Tennessee 39 s Youth Deer Hunt and Marissa Webb of Crossville was hoping to bag her first deer. It took him just as long to make the two road trip from his home in Oklahoma Aug 17 2017 Arizona 39 s mule deer population has been fairly stable for the last 5 to 7 years. forget to look for deer at close range bring leather gloves get comfortable shooting nbsp The white tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus also known as the whitetail or Virginia deer is a Populations of deer around the Great Lakes have also expanded their range northwards due to conversion of an example of insular dwarfism O. Our hunting season begins on November 18 and runs through January 31. Winning bidder must bring additional hunter at full cost. James Dudley Guided Hunts Arizona Elk Couesdeer and muledeer Hunting Guide licenced and insured. Thank you Your The Commissioner s Tags for Mountain Lion Coues Deer and Mule Deer went for 6 500 55 000 and 225 000 respectively. 2 A few things that were essential to my success. Coues deer are commonly regarded as the most prized and most challenging of deer species for North American hunters. Great story love the details. If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have Arizona Coues Deer Rifle Hunt And Baker Gun Cleaning Swabs for your but you don 39 t know where to get the best price for this Arizona Coues Deer Rifle Hunt And Baker Gun Cleaning Swabs . Oct 14 2019 Coues deer inhabit Southwestern mountain ranges consisting mostly of scrub oak Manzanita mountain mahogany juniper pi on pine and high grass bowls sometimes mesquite and cactus basins at elevations from 3 500 to 9 000 feet above sea level. Coues Maps are bundled as a package and include a matching Digital Map. Arizona Coues Whitetail Deer Hunt 2018 Whitetail Deer Hunting Long Range Hunting I recently got back from my 2018 Arizona coues whitetail deer hunt and it wa Order Number 1841280 Water use and diurnal ranges of Coues white tailed deer Maghini Mark Thomas M. For many hunters this hunt should be an annual tradition. So I 39 m going to start Coues Whitetail Deer Trophy Coues bucks range in size between 75 inches and 155 inches and average about 90 inches. Arizona Rifle Coues Deer Tags are not difficult to draw in AZ. Gutted the Coues was light enough to throw whole over my shoulders for the trek back to the waiting UTVs. To become familiar with javelina characteristics contact any Arizona Game and Fish Office for pamphlets describing their life history. Coues deer hunts in Mexico are considered by many to present the best opportunity for harvesting a true trophy class Coues deer. Whitetail Years of scientific studies have proven that mountain caribou require large areas of intact wilderness habitat. Dec 11 2017 So I called on friends for help. Man I love the sound of ringing steel We have the option to combine Desert Mule Deer Doves or Coues Deer with your Sheep hunt. The best Coues deer range is south of Tucson to the border with Mexico. The Coues deer is the smallest of all whitetails found in the mountains of Arizona New Mexico and Mexico. Archery Deer Hunts occur during two different times of the year. The Coues whitetail deer a Southwest subspecies of the common Eastern whitetail were first scientifically described by American Army physician and noted naturalist Dr. Trophy mule deer and Coues bucks can be hunted in January and December in most units and bucks are relatively easy to locate this time of the year. We can accommodate archery hunts rifle hunts or any weapon at any time throughout the season. Both deer are preyed upon by mountain lions coyotes bobcats jaguars and wolves. Since 1999 Rio Sonora Outfitters continue to specialize in trophy quality Coues Whitetail deer in Mexico. Diamond Outfitters is one of Arizona 39 s largest amp most respected full time full service outfitters. fantastic buck. That is why they are called quot Grey Ghost quot . Late Season Mule Deer Hunts The Arizona Coues Deer Hunt is one of the most overlooked hunts in the west with opportunities at trophy caliber bucks ranging from 90 105 B amp C on average with some bucks harvested exceeding 110 B amp C. A long range rifle and a hunter capable of an accurate shot placement is considered a huge asset. Read the Coues Article . Trophy Coues deer herds have been steadily increasing their range. Oct 10 2008 Hunting Coues White Tail Deer in Arizona written by the Arizona Game and Fish Department Arizona 39 s other deer the Coues is a subspecies of the white tailed deer. Individual deer consumed about 0. 5 hour drive from the border. 4. Good luck in the Draw this season Thank you for contributing to wildlife conservation in Arizona. So I suggest you get within your effective range and stop. Bowhunting kicks off in August and September in Arizona and New Mexico respectively providing opportunities for velvet antlered bucks including New Mexico s September muzzle loader seasons . Depending on where you hunt the conditions you ll face and whether you are actually hunting deer or elk the best deer hunting scope is going to be a bit different. Listen to Highlander Hunting Podcast episodes free on demand. and though the mule deer is slightly larger it is still quite smaller than its northern counterparts. If you want to hunt Coues in Mexico I would recommend you go to the state of Sonora just a few hours drive south of Arizona. White tailed deer are found south of Flagstaff through Central Arizona all the way to the Mexico border. Gebhart will engage directly with MDF s chapters in Arizona to support their fundraising and on the ground conservation efforts. Across their range the Coues whitetail thrives in a wide variety of habitats from the desert floor to mixed conifer forests. 567 likes 42 talking about this. O. Long hours of glassing will turn up 4 8 bucks each day and a final stalk will orchestrated to get within range. But I always target bucks that are 100 nbsp Coues pronounced both coos and cows are a slate gray smallish whitetail with the most limited range of the huntable American deer subspecies. ft. This deer has developed such a reputation for being able to vanish from view in the smallest amount of cover that it is frequently referred to as the Grey Ghost . Don t be fooled just because you are hunting Coues Deer in the states we have some awesome ranches that consistently produce trophy Coues Deer. I have taken 3 animals over 60 yards caribou at 68 and 74 and the mule doe in my profile at 65 . ly 2CuoFGg Randy Newberg 39 s Channel https www. coues deer range arizona


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