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North Eastern Realty Advisors was founded to offer our clients a one stop shop for all of their real estate neeeds. Co-founders Bob Macarthy and Dave Flanagan have have extensive knowledge and experience in every aspect of real estate transactions starting with valuing the home, all the way through to the legal aspects of closing it. Knowledge and experience, combined with the charming personalities of our team, is what makes North Eastern Realty Advisors the best choice when transitionin your life into a new home or apartment. All of our realtors are greater Boston natives, who have routes to the city and its surrounding subburban locations such as the beautiful South Shore. This gives them the ability to provide you with quick facts about a particular piece of property, coupled with educated opinions on where one might get a good meal or see a show within that area. The North Eastern Realty advisors team will be by your side from start to finish of any buying and selling experience, provding excellent customer service, up to date industry knoelwdge, and a few laughs along the way!